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Tidur Lambak

Held during World Sleeping Day weekend, Tidur Lambak is an immersive performance, highlighting the nostalgic communal sleeping arrangements associated with the Malaysian practice of "balik kampung" or homecoming.

Consisting of 12 non-actors of varying backgrounds, who enter the room and slowly sleep on their single mattresses next to each other. They form ‘a large nest’. With speakers playing the soundscape of rural Malaysia, guests will be transported into this Kampung room along with the performers. Thus creating an intimate space to rekindle memories and experience new feelings.


"The show reminded me of a quote by Virginia Satir, "Feeling of worth can flourish only in an atmosphere where individual differences are appreciated, mistakes are tolerated - the kind of atmosphere found in a nurturing family" - Marhaini Mohar, Instagram

"tak senonoh.. tidur lambak is not with strangers.. it should be among cousins and both genders shouldn't be mixed" - Saia, TIKTOK

"I thought of my time at school when we had to sleep together in the hall or the mosque, probably during some motivational or qiamullai programmes." - Ali Aiman Mazwin, Instagram

"Tidur Lambak adalah memori dari sebuah gudang lama yang kami bawa pulang pada malam şemalam; mimi yang kami kongsi dengan orang yang rata-ratanya tidak kami kenal. Antara performans yang takkan saya lupa." - Azrin Fauzi, Facebook


"A beautiful experience" - Prakash Daniel, Instagram

"Suatu yang sedikit radikal. Menempatkan orang ramai di dalam sebuah bulatan sebagai mengenang kembali nostalgia sangatlah sesuai."

- Danial Fuad, BASKL

"As a Korean I remember doing it (communal sleeping) as a little girl as well.." - Kathy, Instagram

Tidur Lambak_Poster_01.png

March 18 and 19th 2023 | 75 minute

Kongsi KL

Language: Malay, Mandarin, Kadazan Tangaa', Bukar Sadong, English


Director: Taha Long, Hafreez Amminuddin

Dramaturg: Ridhwan Saidi

Art Director: Dhan Illiani

Sound Artist: Kent Lee

Lighting Designer: Bryan Chang

Still Photographer: Fahad Iman, Sophia Shukeri

Event Personnel: Seri Mizani, Akad

Production Assistant: Harun Hasan Ali, Rubel Mondol, Shakib Hossain



Presented by Tapir Studio

With the support of Krishen Jit Fund and Hai-O Arts and Culture Grant

In collaboration with House of Karyawan & Moka Mocha Ink

Venue Sponsor: Kongsi KL

Media Partner: KOLMEGLU

Special Thanks: Balai Seni Negara, BEHATI, Brotani, Five Arts Centre, Cafe Yamatatsu, Shamin Sharum, Mark Teh, Muradi Abdullah, Shafiq Mustakim, Ayra Rahmat, Aiman Faizazmi, Amer Wafiy, Danial Malek, Nordafina Nasir, Aziq Adam, David Choo, Narasimhan Mohanan, Pushpanjali Mohanan, Melor Syaza, Kak Nia, Shafiz Shahruddin, Noorilah Hassan, Friends and Family

Artist Profile

Taha Long_Headshot.jpg

Taha Long


Taha Long is a multi-disciplinary artist from Klang, Malaysia. He works across film, visual arts and photography. Across the arts, his work interests itself in proximity between cultures, how it harmonizes and clashes.

He graduated from School of Visual Arts with an MPS in Film Directing, and is an alumna of the Playlab Films' 2022 Apichatpong Weerasethakul's Lab. His projects have been the recipient of the PBS Latino Public Broadcasting Grant, Katharina Otto-Bernstein Grant, Krishen Jit Fund and Hai-O Arts and Culture Grant. His producing work continues to be featured on publications, such as Dance Magazine, Tatler Asia, New Straits Time, Hip Latina, Mitú, and etc

Hafreez Amminuddin_Headshot.jpg

Hafreez Amminuddin


Hafreez Amminuddin is a creative producer/ director from Miri, Sarawak. He started his creative journey by doing PR & Marketing, and slowly branched into commercials and digital content as the years went by. Currently, he is working in a digital company called Xeno Entertainment. He has worked for brands such as Foodpanda, Samsung & Sephora Malaysia. 

Additionally, in 2020, he started his own creative production company, House of Karyawan, and produced a number of music videos for notable names like Zee Avi, Harith Zazman & Ayda Jebat.

Ridhwan Saidi_Headshot

Ridhwan Saidi


Ridhwan Saidi is a Malaysian novelist, playwright, leftfield theatre maker and co-founder of indie publishing house, Moka Mocha Ink ( which focuses on contemporary Malay fictions and drama.


He is a part of the LiteraCity research team, a literary mapping project of Kuala Lumpur. Teater Modular is his series of short plays consisting 13 offbeat playlets, whilst Teater Normcore is his series of full length plays, both with the intention to illuminate poetry and heightened appreciation towards deadpan humour. In 2019, he co-curated Pesta Playlet, an artist-run non-profit common ground for performance-based initiative through community building, research, workshop, discourse and publications.

Dhan Illiani_Headshot.jpg

Dhan Illiani

Art Director

Dhan illiani yusof is a multi disciplinary artist with a range of practices in fine art and fashion ranging in conceptual works, creative direction and performance art, a member of projek rabak, Dhani’s work experiments across different methods of expressions and collaborations.

Kent Lee_Headshot
Bryan Chang_Headshot

Kent Lee

Sound Artist

Kent Lee is a sound artist and musician based in Kuala Lumpur. A self-taught musician who also delves in different disciplines of artistic practices, he gravitates towards experimental music — blending acoustics sounds with electronic gadgetry, favouring improvisations over rigid compositions.


Kent has composed, recorded, and performed for dance and musical theatre productions, including the award-winning Seni Tiga’s performance “Impermanence,” (Malaysia) which was also awarded the Best Music & Sound Design at the 16th BOH Cameronian Arts Awards 2019.  Kent was also the music composer and sound designer for “Infinitely Closer” by Kuik Swee Boon and THE Dance Company, the first public show at Singtel Waterfront Theatre. Kent is also one part of Shaman Tearoom, a multi-disciplinary art collective exploring the subject matter of stillness and fluxes in life by integrating tea ceremony, sound/music and contemporary art.

Bryan Chang

Lighting Designer

Bryan Chang is a designer—a self-taught generalist, his work revolves around graphic design, scenography and media arts. He has worked with, among others, The Bangkung Row Restaurants, British Council Malaysia, KLPAC, Theatresauce, Five Arts Centre, The Cooler Lumpur Festival and PopTeeVee. Recent highlights include Dari Lumpur Ke Laut; Dari Pinggiran vol.1: SK Danau Perdana; Kampung Baru; Langkawi Walk The Doc 2022; Kaleidoscope Japan: Every Thought I’ve Ever Had; Hubs For Good Toolkit; MayWe Exhibition: Belas Masa; Unity (1918).


He is also a co-founder of sans collective, an interdisciplinary art and design collective.

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